astronomy paper


Proposal for _[name of your mission]___ Mission to _[name of your destination]_

word:at least 2500

Term Paper Due on the Last Day of Class (No exceptions – sorry, really no exceptions).

The term paper question changes every year— yep, you guessed it, a plagiarism check…sigh—so please to organize your paper around the question below.

You MUST use the assigned topic and format for your paper or you risk getting a 0.

This year’s term paper is the form of a research proposal to fund a mission to find Extraterrestrial Life. You are to complete the format exactly as below using the information and evidence you have gained throughout this course. You must cite your evidence from scientifically valid sources. You will be marked primarily on how you put together a coherent scientific argument from the information you have learned.

You are to propose for an imaginary mission to a real destination in or outside our solar system and use real scientific evidence to create your pitch for your mission. Again, all papers must follow this format.

Proposal for _[name of your mission]___ Mission to _[name of your destination]_

Overview:  Summary of where mission is headed, why that place is promising, and what you hope to find there. (250 words)

Previous Missions: Review of previous similar or related missions and major findings (about 500 words)

Review of selected destination: A description of the selected destination and a scientific argument for why this destination has been selected for the mission (about 750 words)

Anticipated Findings: A scientific explanation of what lifeforms might be found there along with an evidence-based argument for why these findings might be anticipated (about 750 words).

Comparison and Conclusion: A synthesizing argument of why this mission should be selected over other missions that could be considered (about 250 words).

A successful paper be at least 2500 words and will include: A coherent scientific argument that uses scientifically valid articles (from the Internet or journals) – and many of the main concepts used in the textbook, articles, and assignments. These concepts might include: metabolism, respiration, reproduction, habitability zones, extremophiles, methods of searching for extrasolar planets, carbon-based life, universal solvents, planetary atmospheres, or many other concepts that are key to the search for life. Your paper should demonstrate your understanding of these concepts, not just the awareness of the terminology. A clear organization and correct grammar to provide a readable and intelligent paper. It should be easy and pleasurable to read. This should include an introduction, conclusion, and the suggested headers to help make clarify your argument. Individuality and creativity to show how you have digested and interpreted the information, and to show me it is your OWN work. Papers that read like a bunch of cut and paste text without any personality will be poorly graded. A complete and consistent set of citations and references in APA, IEEE, or similar academic format. I don’t care which format you use, but be consistent and thorough.

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