Comprehensive Health Assessment

During this advanced health assessment course, remember the Vision is to become a master’s prepared certified nurse as a NE, NL, or FNP so keep that goal in the forefront of your mind during this course. We will be looking deeper into health assessment, health promotion, and health prevention. Read the article Improving Healthcare by Embracing Systems Theory as well as the Center for Disease Control’s Picture of America Prevention. We will apply the System’s Approach to health prevention for this week’s discussion.

Using a systems theory approach through this course helps retain stability through three levels of prevention:

  • Primary prevention to protect the normal line and strengthen the flexible line of defense.
  • Secondary prevention to strengthen internal lines of resistance, reducing the reaction, and increasing resistance factors.
  • Tertiary prevention to readapt and stabilize and protect reconstitution or return to wellness following treatment.

Using the course materials on the Systems Theory for this week’s discussion, provide one example of health prevention from the levels above and how you may use this information in the comprehensive health assessment.

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