energy system


Assume you are called upon to provide advice to the US Department of Energy (DOE) about where it should focus its attention strategically for the next 10-20 years. Based on what you have learned in this class, write an essay that makes the case for the one most important area where you think the DOE should put its effort. What do you think the greatest challenge will be in developing the energy system for the future? What are some ways that we might overcome the challenge you have identified? 

( 1.5 page double space )

We are not looking for a “right answer” but are interested in you thinking about this issue. 

In addressing these questions, you can refer to concepts or ideas covered in lecture (which is the files that I uploaded), but also feel free to supplement these with your own reading. If you do consult other sources, make sure you cite these appropriately and fully. 

   1. Thesis/argument – Is the main argument clearly stated, interesting, and incisive, and is it carried consistently throughout the essay? Does the thesis address the assigned topic in an insightful and appropriate way?
2. Structure – Is the structure of the essay logical? Does the argument develop progressively through the text? Are the points linked together coherently? Are the paragraphs well organized? 3. Evidence/Content – Is the content sufficient and appropriate to substantiated the arguments being made? Is the evidence presented in a way that can be easily understood?
4. Analysis – Does the essay establish how the evidence being presented supports the thesis? Does the analysis include novel insight, beyond paraphrasing prior work?
5. Sources – Are the sources well-chosen to support the argument? Are they used in more than one way? Are they cited appropriately?
6. Style – Is the writing clear, and free of typographical and grammatical errors? Is the essay a pleasure to read? Does it conform to the formatting guidelines, including the page limit?

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