Final Semester Project

Turn the draft into the Final semester project.

Topic is explained at all levels.

Sentence structure is a mixture of sentence types, not predominately simple.


Start the body of the paper (5-8 pages, not including the title page or references) on a new page after the title page. Review research on your chosen topic that either: increases your understanding of the topic, and/or investigates efficacy of existing medication and technologies to treat your chosen disease. Use what you find out to propose areas of future research on your topic.

 The paper must include an additional minimum of 2 unique references that were not used in the draft.


Do not just summarize each article; tie the information from all of them together. Demonstrate that you understand the subject. 


Your conclusion (2-3 paragraphs) should very briefly summarize the entire project and give a direction of the field in the immediate future. In other words, what’s next in the field regarding your chosen topic?


A minimum of peer-reviewed 7 references are required for the final paper (i.e., 5 from the draft and two new and unique references for the final paper). Your paper should be in APA 6th Edition Format complete with an APA-style cover page and reference page. All sources must be correctly cited and your paper must be written in Times New Roman 12-point font, be double spaced, and have 1 inch margins. Finally, you may not use any direct quotations; paraphrase what you read as this shows understanding.

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