Meditation summary.

After reading the articles on meditation and viewing the videos, try out meditation. Here are the guidelines: Perform Self-Meditation for six (6) days. ( dont worry about the six days! just type about and said that you did meditation for 6 days and answer all the questions! 150 to 200 words simple.) Monitor and record your heart rate before and after each meditation session. After you have experienced practicing meditation, report on the following: How did you feel about this assignment? Were you comfortable or not performing the task on meditation? Explain why or why not. Describe the health benefits and different types of meditation therapies available? Describe the effects of meditation throughout your day-to-day activities and work. Do you believe mediation is a useful alternative and complimentary alternative to healthcare? Explain why or why not. Would you continue to use meditation? Find evidenced-based research article on meditation and attach to this post Remember to include your heart rate tracking before and after each meditation section to this post.  Post must be 150-200 words. MUST BE APA STYLE WITH REFERENCE PAGE.)

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