RTP D3 (4827)

Please, write a one-paragraph report to the discussion posted bellow by using one reference from peer-reviewed English Nursing Journal not older than 5 years.


Despite case management’s humble beginnings, the overall importance of case management has increased exponentially over the years. Over the past 25 years the role of case management (CM) in the health care field has evolved (Huber, 2018).  The patient-centered primary care model is currently preferred. It requires quality-driven prevention and outpatient management in order to produce favorable outcomes for patients.  Case Management is an essential part of the primary care model. In the early 1990’s the effectiveness of case management was unclear (Huber, 2018). CM nurses were unnoticed and rarely paid for their services (Huber, 2018). Health insurance companies acknowledge that the utilization of case management nurses produces quality and cost containment outcomes (Huber, 2018).

According to Huber (2018) case management is the coordination of care and advocating for patients and their family’s health care needs and services.  CM empowers patients to understand and access quality, efficient health care (Joo & Huber, 2018).  They also often take responsibility for vulnerable patients (Joo & Huber, 2018).  Case management nurses bridge the gap between fragmented care and effective care. 

Case managers at the health care facility that I work for often work closely with social workers and other healthcare professionals. The ensure that an appropriate level of care is provided to the patient.  They also reduce length of stay in the hospital thus reducing healthcare costs.  CM at my job also reduce readmission by setting up follow up appointments as needed.

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