Term paper

One of the most important general abilities of any geoscientist is their ability to read, interpret, and generate questions about written materials. The ability to then research and find answers is imperative. You will read the book Basin and Range included in the anthology Annals of the Former Worldby John McPhee. You will identify three aspects of the reading that relate to sedimentary geology to further research and evaluate the material presented in the reading. Once you have identified your three topics you must use GeoRef to search the materials in our library and use our library resources to get at least one journal article or book chapter related to the topic. You must provide a print-out of the article information in GeoRef and submit it to the instructor to be able to use the information in your paper. You are only allowed to use scholarly articles or books accessed through our library using GeoRef for this paper, no other sources (other than your textbooks) are allowed. Your goal will be to summarize McPhee and your research. Your findings should be compared McPhee with specific examples from both supporting your discussion. You will be turning in a long-form essay paper meeting the following criteria.

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