Medical Web Site Critique: The student is required to select a web site within a health care related topic (area of interest to the student) and write a critique of the site.   Submit 2-3 pages, APA format. The student must address the following topics:  What is the purpose of the site?  The site’s purpose is related to who runs and pays for it. The About This Site page should include a clear statement of purpose.

Ease of Navigation 

•Is the site easy to navigate? •It is easy to find what you want? •Does the site take a long time to download? •Are images used to illustrate points, or merely as decoration?


•Is the information based on sound medical research? 

Can the information on the web page be verified by another source? 

•Are there grammatical and spelling errors? 

•Are there footnotes, bibliographies, or references so that you can verify the information? Are these reliable? 

•Has the information on the site been through any editing or peer reviewing process?  

•Are there references, or links to research? 

Is there a bibliography? Are the sources cited reliable? 

•Are there spelling or grammatical errors?  

•Is the information factual or opinion?


 •Who published the page, who is responsible for writing the material? 

What are the person’s credentials? 

What do you know about them? Are they qualified in the subject area? 

•Is the person backed by a known organization? 

•Can you easily find contact information on the web page? 

Check the about us link, usually found at the beginning or the end of a webpage. What does the About Us section tell you about the purpose of the organization? 

Can you find a physical location for the organization? Or is the only way to contact the organization through a web form? 

•What is the domain name? 

•Does the site give contact details and links to more information about who has provided the site?


•Is the information showing just one point of view? 

•What kind of institution sponsored the webpage? 

A pharmaceutical company? A non-profit organization?

Target Audience 

•Who is the intended audience (Patients, Providers, Students, Others)? 

 •Is this an appropriate site to use in academic work or medical work?

Currency/Timeliness of Updates 

•When was the information written? Is there a date when the site was last updated?  How frequently is the site updated? If there are references to research, how recent are they?

 •Do the links work?

How does the site manage interactions with users?  

•Is there a way to contact the owner if you run a problem or have questions or feedback?

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